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Braybrooke Hypnosis Clinic

Braybrooke Hypnosis

Welcome to the website of Braybrooke Hypnosis – the hypnotherapy practice in Bristol (England).

I am Richard Braybrooke, Accredited Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.

I specialise in using modern hypnotherapy techniques to help people like you to deal with a wide range of stress related problems.

If you want to deal with an issue that you can’t seem to get past, let me use my many years of therapeutic experience to help you sort it out.

Since starting my practice in 2000 I have seen hypnotherapy help literally hundreds of people stop smoking, lose weight, speak more confidently, deal with relationship difficulties, let go of phobias, let go of negative thoughts, sleep better, treat addictions, feel more happy, perform better….and come to gain a new sense of self, sometimes way beyond what they would have ever thought possible.

Hypnotherapy can do the same for you.

Hypnotherapy is very different from the hypnosis stage shows you may have seen on TV. Used therapeutically, hypnosis is a pleasant state of relaxed awareness where you instantly feel more calm and confident. It is also the state where the creative power of your mind is most fully utilised.

In many ways your mind could be seen as a highly advanced computer, and when all the programming is running correctly you feel happy and positive and you can get on with your life as you would want to do. But when there are errors in some of the programs, errors that are often caused by specific stressful events, you can experience a range of stress related problems, like anxiety, depression, phobias and negative, destructive behaviour.

In the state of hypnosis you are better able to identify and change those negative programs. Using a range of techniques, such as positive visual imagery, negative thoughts can be changed to positive ones, habits and addictions can be more easily let go of or managed, and you can experience a much greater degree of confidence than you might think possible.

The discovery and understanding of hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been the most significant thing that has shaped my life. It has helped me to manage many challenging situations with the kind of positivity that would not have been possible otherwise. Across the world millions of people have found the same.

If you would like to find out how hypnotherapy can work for you, either call now or just complete the contact form. I’ll then arrange to call you at a convenient time and answer all your questions, so you can be absolutely sure that I am the right therapist for you.

My Bristol based hypnotherapy practice is situated in Fishponds, just 5 minutes from the M32 and the IKEA roundabout. There is easy parking outside and bus routes nearby.

All of my work is done in the very strictest of confidence.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Get in touch to discuss in more detail how Richard’s approach could help you.

Call on 0117 93 93 999.